Me gusta hablar contigo – 8.6.17 – Henry J. White

Me gusta hablar contigo,
por muchas razones, son tantas
que no hay palabras ni versos,
que en ellos se puedan detallar.

Me gusta hablar contigo,
por que me hace sentir bien,
me hace sentir parte de algo,
me hace sentir que te acuerdas de mi.

Me gusta hablar contigo,
por que te imagino a mi lado
sonriendo y llamándome TONTO.

Me gusta hablar contigo,
por que cada vez que lo hago,
intento sacar de mi lo mejor,
y así poder reírnos juntos.

Me gusta hablar contigo,
aunque estés desanimada,
por que entre todo tu entorno
pensaste en mi para que te animara.

Me gusta hablar contigo,
por que se me da bien leer a la gente,
y a ti muchas veces, soy incapaz de leerte.

Me gusta hablar contigo
y preguntarte cada noche
¿Cómo te ha ido el día,
que ha sido de tu vida?

Me gusta hablar contigo,
aunque tardes años en responder,
y entonces tenga que despedirme
antes de que me quede frito.

Me gusta hablar contigo,
cuando pasa un tiempo
que no he hablado contigo,
y volvemos a escribirnos.

Sonrió sin saber porque,
y se iluminan mis ojitos.
Descubriendo que es por que
me gusta hablar contigo.

Fotografia: AndyBang – Estudio Fotográfico

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  4. You are a Great inspiration Tricia. Keep the positive feelings blazing through life. You have and will continue to inspire and help so many of us with MS along the way…MS has become a True Blessing for me and opened so many great doors. MS has connected Leah and I with you, your friends, family and so many great memories…Keep rocking ..Tim and Leah

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  11. So the Mayor of Shreveport thinks that his bullyboys are able to suspend Constitutional rights to suit his anti-Second Amendment rights leanings? I can only hope that he and his get sued for every penny they have and he is removed from office. If the police officers did this because they were only “following orders” they and their superiors should lose their jobs for allowing themselves to be a part of violating The Constitution.

  12. it all. Truth like this always inspires. Thank God for the EF. I just love those few moments of quiet time, gazing at the Crucifix and anticipating Christ coming to me in the hands of His priest, with my Catholic brothers and sisters beside me, all equal in a humble posture before our Maker.Stripping out the altar rails is a sad and profound loss.

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  15. K!!! I love this so much! I’m so proud of you and I’m SO thankful that God placed you in my life, and I know that sounds like such a cliche, but it’s so SO true. I’ve learned so much from you and I love that we got to grow into the HOT, YOUNG THANGS we are together. I love you so much, Olive.Apple Pie Forever,Chuck

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  18. ToivoS says: September 5, 2012 at 8:48 pmHopefully, Toivo, UU will pay you no heed. What is needed is more conversation, not less. It’s true that in the US doubting the government’s story is seen as beyond redemption, and perhaps you don’t want to be associated with a website where there is an occasional post querying that particular government-sanctioned conspiracy. However, we have a crime that somehow transcended the laws of nature, where the evidence was whisked away, where the most critical questions weren’t asked, and where the inquiry was perceived as faulted by the very people who were on it; and you want more silence.

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  21. Hi there Icy — you've had plenty spooky stuff happen. If we're ever on the same ghost tour, you can go five yards up ahead. 🙂 I love all these things — life needs a mystery, and there's certainly plenty of weird going on out there. Reminds me of a recent American (reality) TV series I was watching where a group of students were helping out people with ghost problems. It was genuinely interesting. Can't remember the name of it, though. St.

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  33. Wait… that’s not an ironic art-project? Really? Wow.What I think is almost as interesting is how much the pop-art movement of the 50s-70s put in perspective the absurd way people use art to indoctrinate. We can’t help but look at this kind of stuff and see it as kitch – even though the creators were being completely sincere. Thanks a lot Jasper Johns!

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  39. Je me disais bien que je n’étais pas le seul à m’étonner de cette idée et de trouver ca n’importe quoi. Enfin bon, comme a dit Besancenot , « ca me fait flipper, mais pour rappeler le PS il faut se tourner vers sa gauche et pas sa droite avec Bayrou ». Enfi bon on fait comme on veut. En attendant plutôt que de me lamenter encore et encore de la médiocrité de nos candidats et dirigeants je préfère rire de cette idée.

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  45. your comment came as a relief. All I’ve got hitherto has rather been on the emotional and sentimental side. Well, about my “brutal” choice of words, I know you couldn’t possibly support that, but I couldn’t help it. After all, you are a lady too. But I’m glad you saw the logical judgment in my letter. Thanks for the comment. Hope to see you around.

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  60. I absolutely love that show and David. He just understands what a bride is thinking, even when it’s off the wall crazy! (Not saying that you are that way at all – but you’ve seen some of those crazy themes some of his brides have had!)Enjoy this time – it goes by so quick!

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  62. , I'd have commented even without the added incentive of prizes. But, hey, who doesn't like prizes. Loved to learn this was just the first book in a trilogy. Haven't read the book yet, but am looking forward to it. Since I first 'met' you Mariam this has sounded like my kind of book. Good luck with the series, and this hop. ~Quilted Blessings, Nita

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  164. Yeah, I probably should have called it "AET" instead of ET. I went back and forth over what to call that, and almost didn't include it because there was only one goal. But I had to be complete.Nice idea to compare them side-by-side with the ones conceded; that'll probably be the next infographic.

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    3. on Dr. Helen's previous thread on this topic it requires a degree of 'internal discipline' that most young men have never been trained to be.And I've recommended a Good Book for doing that. But, over on that other thread, when I suggested that, the atheists went 'ballistic'.Regards,Chuck(le)[The Truth will out…..]

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    10. The taxi drivers are a right moaning bunch, especially during all the strikes… one was giving out about all the immigrants not knowing where they are going and then he asked for directions. And besides, I have the basic Sky Package it's all right, no sports though.

    11. Y si, no le pidan conocimientos matemáticos a los “creativos” publicitarios… Igualmente sospecho, igual que vos, que está hecha por facilidad de entendimiento. Vos decís para gente que piensa poco, yo digo para comprensión inmediata del conductor/pasajero/peatón en su condición de receptor en movimiento del mensaje.

    12. Happy Thankgiving MamaZ. I have almost gotten to your point about not watching Bravo. The only one I watch now is BH. I had stopped watching Flipping Out until recruited to blog the rest of this season, then I’ll probably not watch again. I’m enjoying shows on other networks now and reading more too. But I still come here everyday to check in on my LynnFam and see what’s going on. Lol.

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    14. I totally agree with you Fakegagh8r, I too have a condition that causes excruciating pain. I’ve dealt with my share of doctors that look at you like your a junkie. It’s not until you’re showing “measurable evidence” proving your pain. Yet, by then your pain is out of control like a 5 alarm fire. People who abuse the system, for their own “fixes or highes” aka junkies. Make the world a lot tougher for people like us, who are just trying to live a pain free life! Take care and may God bless!

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    23. Kevin de Leon has some nerve blaming the Chancellor.  It’s the state legislature that failed to fund UC.  It’s de Leon that is taking money from citizens to pay for illegal alien education.  Kevin should come with 5 ideas on how to fund UC and CSU.  If skinheads  show up to shout him down, he should not expect UCPD to help remove the protesters.

    24. Oh I love this! It is so, so true. I just realized about an hour ago that we installed our “new” floor in November ’06 and have yet to finish the trim. We are currently on hold w/ our bathroom addition/utility room remodel, and I’m hoping that will refocus us on finishing up some projects that have aged way more than I realized.

    25. Congratulations on your book, dear Elaine. I feel like I have been a part of your journey, somehow it makes feel proud to be a part of your life.May God continue to enlarge your borders as He gives you more opportunities to impact the lives of others with your writing.LoveLidj

    26. 40 degrees! Snow! Agh, you’re killing me! It’s 80 here and I’m sort of wilting from the sudden heat. We have a crabapple tree. It’s huge and pretty. I probably won’t do anything with the crabapples either (except sweep them up ALL THE TIME from the patio) but it’s very pretty in the spring and fall. Have fun at the plant sale!

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    28. When Christian Louboutin designs gardening boots with his signature red sole, then we’ll know it’s all in the name of fashion and one-upping the Joneses. Until then, I say it’s all good. If people have money to spend and it keeps gardeners and planters in business and the pursuit of good, non-factory farmed food in the media, then bravo.

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    36. Posted by on April 01, 2012 at 6:03 am Hi Ken! This is a great blog my friend. I like #7 – Being Your Best Self because that is where you need to prioritize who and what you are giving to. My spirituality is number one because whatever I do it is because of that dogma. It is important and that I have to create the time for all of them. Then my business. That is where I can create and that is part of my being. Giving with no expectations is what I do. Everything else falls into place living this way. I have the “faith” that things will work out and they do.

    37. The Democrats are no day at the beach, but after what the conservatives have done to Obama this year, any black person who sticks around with the Republicans must have a serious personality disorder, a need for money (in Steele's case), or both.Talk about a lack of self-respect …Oh, and Mr R, I forgot when it was that I last called you a shithead. Since I forgot, I think I will have to call you a shithead again. Mr R, you're a shithead.

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    39. I read Carr’s article in the Atlantic back in August of 2008 titled “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” It gave me pause for thought back then, as I noted my own tendency to sit down at the computer with one task in mind, and get sucked into checking email, then researching a factoid, before I realized I’d forgotten why I was there in the first place. I have a Kindle that is great for travelling…but I still prefer a hold-it-in-your-hand book for the most part. As a lifelong reader, it makes me sad to see this progression…but I get it.

    40. Good job on pointing out that the Romans more or less had early factories. I think it helps to debunk the myth that the Roman Empire was technologically and economically stagnant. The real key with steam power was the development of pistons and other such parts, made possible with the development of good machine tools. Before that, steam power was too difficult and inefficient to harness.

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    52. I will give you 2 problems with the economy today. 1. Not in my backyard.2. My Congressman better vote against any pork barrel project, except if it benefits me and my district. When the country can get over those two, we can become even bettter than we are today.

    53. He is leaving you dangling, that isn’t fair.Go out with your friends. Ask him where does he want to be in 5 years, where do you want to be in 5 years if you answer those questions honesty and see if you are on the same page. Ask him what are 5 important things to him and answe honestly what are 5 important things to you. Even if you go into a separate rooms and write them down and see if they match.You both want to go in different directions. Be honest about it.

    54. I hate her site and in my opinion think she’s a discriminating snob who only associates with other wives that fit into her league…..lady is really not that nice to other women she considers beneath her!Just my opinon

    55. A mi tampoco me gusta La sinVoz de un tiempo a esta parte. Sólo salen cosas del psoe, de iu y de fevesa. El otro día Los Verdes dieron una rueda de prensa por otro chanchullo que LZ le ha hecho al cortinglé ese y aquí ha salido tan bien como en la Fasceta. Así es la Voz.

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    58. Thanks Susan, I think we forget how important it is to take a break, we’re so plugged in constantly. Gotta admit I felt a odd at first, but its helped me to break a few habits that wern’t productive, as well as giving me the space to filter through the ideas that are scattered through my brain. Which can only be a good thing Be seeing you over at your blog very shortly

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    61. Bryan K-So are you saying euthanizing an eight-year old in a vegetative state or a 40-year-old in a permanent coma is moral as well?And anyway, it’s proven that fetuses can feel pain as early as the second trimester. Are you saying that a being that can feel and react to pain isn’t cognitive? I have 2 daughters, and at 5 months into the pregnancy, they’d react in utero to noises. Is that proof enough?

    62. Good pick up Field. Right now this seems a little harmless but its another drop in the bucket of hatemongering that surely to be stirred up as times get harder and these folks running things find it harder to fool folks about the real source of our problems.The anti-immigrant hysteria which you exposed in your last blog is also a sign of things to come. The point is to point the finger at your neighbor rather than the folks who are really hording the wealth and making folks miserable.

    63. 448I’ve said it from the first time I glimpsed him.Another Dumbya wannabe.Uneducated, ignorant about the issues and happy to be richly rewarded for both.They are all scum except for Rachel and a few others who are mainly there to bring in the “libruls” dumb enough to give them eyeballs.S

    64. when it's nuclear, the whole lifecycle needs to be considered, but when it's wind or solar, you only need to talk about the moment of electricity generation. Hmmm.I prefer the more useful term "sustainable" which simply means that we can continue to use a particular electricity source for many generations – suggests a thousand years is a good working period, and James Hansen among others has suggested that lasting more than 500 years is effectively forever.

    65. Hey Matt… Couldn’t agree with you more about leadership and what it takes and how to bring yourself up to that next level to be a great leader. In today’s times, much new leadership is needed so I thank you for pointing these tips out so people who want to be leaders have some sort of reference on what it takes.

    66. Hi Rob: Saw you on the recently-uploaded SEMBEQ interview videos. I’m very interested in what God is doing in Quebec, having visited Montreal in June. I hope to be returning next summer for an extended visit. I had some questions for you if you’d be willing to shoot me an e-mail.

    67. This is disgusting sham journalism. The Keystone State Skinheads are one of the most violent neo-nazi groups in the US. The Daily News themselves on their random, brutal assault on a man (one of the few for which they get caught) just six months ago.But I guess this reporter couldn’t be bothered to check her own papers archives before she wrote up her puff piece on a violent white supremacist group.Jesus.

    68. disse:Ana Paula e demais levitasObrigada pela dedicação de vocês nestes 15 anos de Diante do trono. Escuto diariamente os louvores e sinto a presença do Senhor em minha vida.Que Deus abençõe a todos cada dia mais e mais.No amor do Senhor JesusSuzane e família

    69. Scott,You are wise beyond your years.No matter what happens, I am going to be paying for it, as will you.Therefore, I am going to lock down on Psalms 46, seek to fulfill the mandate of the Great Commission, and seek to finish well for Jesus.(In the meantime, I am going to write three more papers and take a test.)Good night Scott. I enjoyed the little break by reading this post and the comment thread.

    70. jessica’s duet with jennifer holliday “and i am telling you i’m not going” has reached more than 4,150,000 views, and is catching up with pp’s home. big no, no for ai. just like “i will always love you” with more than 6 million views, it will be deleted soon. too bad!

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    77. Meget kloke og viktige ord! Vi mÃ¥ aldri glemme de stemmeløse. Og hvem bryr seg vel om unge asylsøkere som blir stuet bort som fjøsgrisser i en ombygd lÃ¥ve til glede for profittkÃ¥te aksjonærer? Staten gir penger, ansetter nye byrÃ¥krater, men overlater ansvaret til den enkelte kommune Ã¥ finne “samarbeidspartnere” og drive asylpolitikk i praksis… Forøvrig mener jeg dagens asylpolitikk er dobbeltmoralsk og menneskefiendtlig.

    78. What, no visit from the "But you GOTTA line up behind Slick Willard, or we're all DOOMED! DOOOOOOOOMED, I TELL YOU!!! AND IT WILL BE ALL! YOUR! FAULT!!!!leventy!" brigade? What a letdown.Still voting for the wookie in the primary and the general, though I'm listening to overtures from Sweet Meteor of Death, Kobayashi Maru, and Cthulhu.

    79. Sou fascinada por papel! Sempre trago de viagem pois trabalho muito fazendo colagem e découpage. Vou guardar esta dica para quando for, de novo, à Florença. Dá uma olhada em meu blog para veres estes meus trabalhos e especialmente as minhas “”Family Trees”.

    80. Eu por acaso não acho que seja um estudo muito válido… Isto porque um clube pode ter 300 expulsões a favor, se forem justas não há nada a que apontar o dedo. O mesmo para os penáltis e qualquer decisão arbitral…

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    82. Tu as oublié les lessives : le nouvel OMO lave plus blanc que l'ancien OMO. Où les couches : la nouvelle Pampers agit mieux que l'ancienne. Mais comment faisaient nos mères : avec quoi lavaient-elles nos habits ou nous changeaient-elles ?Ah oui j'adore aussi le "élu produit de l'année" et autres jurys de consommateurs…

    83. Look, they didn’t know what to do. Resources were overwhelmed. Authorities and emergency personnel were shocked, and were trying to comfort people while they themselves dealt with the trauma. Unless you’ve been through an event like this, it’s hard to understand the seemingly strange events that occur. I’m sure their intentions were good.

    84. Gheorghe spune:Da, parinte, cand e vorba de un crestin care are alta opinie, este… Prost. Stim metoda, e veche cat omenirea… Dar va rog putina… smerenie crestineasca ca sa acceptati greseala. Aratati-mi in textul legii unde li se va permite sa faca propaganda…. Am sa ma rog pentru Dvs sa va ietre pentru acest neadevar! E pacat. Sa stiti insa ca niciodata nu am sa tin sa va discrimineze cineva la cumpararea unei paini pentru asta…

    85. Hello! I am from the GYOB Party as well, but I am still figuring out everything about blogging, and could not even get the badge on my page! Ah well, all in fun anyway! I cannot imagine that four cats could be one too many. Yours all look like precious individuals

    86. This was great Tommy. I love Nehemiah! I think leaders are compelled to pray!:)Also, so glad to hear you mention imprecatory prayer….it is fine……can you imagine thatsome say these prayers should not be in the bible? We would miss a whole lot ofintimacy, knowledge and teaching from His Word.

    87. I feel you there. I think the author of this article is looking at housing from an investment standpoint only. From that point, housing may not be the best FINANCIAL investment (like certain stocks would not be, etc). But from the standpoint of a NON-FINANCIAL investment, owning your own house has A LOT to offer. I do not wish to ever rent again. Owning property in the land of the free… you can’t beat that feeling.

    88. I think the idea is vastly meaningful. In church organizations I have been involved with, I have literally felt this dynamic of “leadership” vs. “servanthood.” Clearly the terms are blury, but our ministry positions are pointing us in certian directions. I think it is easy to get caught up in the “leadership” mantra.Therefore, I really like the “quantum servanthood” idea. Please keep it up, elaborate, and continue the discussion.-s.o

    89. One wonders which parts of Christianity Christian Arabs emphasize.I also note that the various Christian sects seem to have taken hold in China, Korea and Japan in the past and present. I also not that a number of individuals from China have demonstrated empathy.It would also seem that the genes for Empathy etc would not be at a high frequency in parts of the Middle East.