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(Época) New Age

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New Age ( Febrero 2014 – Actualidad )


  1. Tiempo – 25.02.2014 – Henry J. White
  2. Eterno – 01.03.2014 – Henry J. White
  3. Lealtad – 04.03.2014 – Henry J. White
  4. Hambre – 05.03.2014 – Henry J. White
  5. Diferente – 24.03.2014 – Henry J. White
  6. Compañia – 24.03.2014 – Henry J. White
  7. Suave – 26.03.2014 – Henry J. White
  8. Sueñas – 31.03.2014 – Henry J. White
  9. Tinta – 10.04.2014 – Henry J. White
  10. El Masaje – 21.09.2014 – Henry J. White
  11. Estrella – 13.10.2014 – Henry J. White
  12. Creación – 20.10.14 – Henry J. White
  13. Seré – 29.10.14 – Henry J. White
  14. Happy – 31.10.14 – Henry J. White


  1. Yo y Ella, Ella y Yo – 12.03.15 – Henry J. White
  2. What about Now? – 15.3.15 – Henry J. White
  3. Lovely Girl – 15.3.15 – Henry J. White
  4. Solo son celos – 21.3.15 – Henry J. White
  5. El Sello Mudo – 15.4.15 – Henry J. White
  6. Vengo de la Noche – 20.4.15 – Henry J. White
  7. En Cautiverio – 27.4.15 – Henry J. White
  8. Nuestra Vigilia – 2.5.15 – Henry J. White
  9. Paciencia – 22.6.15 – Henry J. White
  10. Antes dudaba, ahora no se – 5.7.15 – Henry J. White
  11. Until Dawn – 7.7.15 – Henry J. White
  12. De Repente Tu – 7.12.15 – Henry J. White


  1. Hay veces que pienso en ti – 4.2.2016 – Henry J. White
  2. 4141 – 14.2.16 – Henry J. White
  3. Te escucho – 15.2.16 – Henry J. White
  4. Guardian Divino – 17.3.16 – Henry J. White
  5. Huella – 2.5.16 – Henry J. White
  6. Única Estrella – 27.7.16 – Henry J. White
  7. ¿Quien Soy? – Parte I – 28.7.16 – Henry J. White
  8. No Seremos – Parte II – 28.7.16 – Henry J. White
  9. Seremos – Parte III – 29.7.16 – Henry J. White
  10. Eremita del Cielo – 29.9.16 – Henry J. White


  1. Ganas de soñar – 2.3.17 – Henry J. White
  2. Mi Guardia – 5.3.17 – Henry J. White
  3. Tu Estandarte – 6.3.17 – Henry J. White
  4. – PRIVADA –

  5. Perdido – 29.05.17 – Henry J. White
  6. Me gusta hablar contigo – 08.06.17 – Henry J. White

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  244. I think fear could be a starting guiding point but the focus should be pushed more toward compassion. After working with some prisoners I find that for some people compassion does not come easy. When one starts out on a spiritual path maybe a little bit of fear is ok as long as the compassion side is focused on as well. For me I agree with you and focus on compassion. thanks for your comment

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  260. Congratulations on your beautiful family. and great job with the breastfeeding. I've heard it can be painful and tiring at the beginning, but it is the best you can do for her. I'm 19 weeks now and can't wait even for the pain of breastfeeding (the birth pain I'm still working on psychologically! 🙂

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