Sin descanso eterno – 19.2.2011 – Henry J. White

Dulce y etereo sabor del olvido,
que cubre mi cuerpo dormido.
Sin descanso eterno
yo em maldigo.

Sentir que he perdido
todo aquello por lo que he vivido.
Errante suspiro del amor herido.
No jueges mas conmigo.

Librame de este dolor que yace
en mi quebrantado corazon.

Mi alma reclama tu piedad.

En la cuspide de mi
eterno y flagelado feretro.
Suspiro inquieto
el fin de este tormento.

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  2. Yeh, go Alll Blacks ! Got to take our mind off politics for a day or two. Enjoyed your cutting comments about “isn’t it ironic that most of the people who make the decisions about how our public schools are funded, assessed, and monitored, send their kids to private schools.” A sad commentary of NZ democracy and consultation.Just been shopping with Ruia, my daughter who is a nurse in Christchurch, and at 25 oC, most of the women are wearing skimpy tops that remind me of budding roses, or blossoming tulips. At my age Robb, I think I should put a blindfold on.RanamarieRopate

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  9. Thanks for the review, Steve. I’m a little behind the times and still haven’t seen this biopic, but I did recently read/review a great biography on John Newton written by Jonathan Aitken called, “From Disgrace to Amazing Grace” and it was an “amazing” read (pun intended).

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  11. ok, now it’s a war between RI and em3 students? haha.. pls people, read between the lines carefully and notice the actual message behind this entry. it’s got little to do with RI or whichever good or bad school.and yea, rockson, your ‘broken english’ blog got more and more ‘ink’ redi.. keep it up! =)

  12. Gee, I didn't know you were a ronulan, oh, sorry, let me put it in PLAIN ENGLISH, a supporter of Ron Paul. Is your "plan" that by wasting your vote on R. Paul and helping get Barack Hussein Obama get another term that things will be so out of control by 2016 that the magic saviour will appear (Rand Paul) and bring the country back from the brink?If you have to chose between 2 evils (and you do), why would you CHOSE the greater evil?

  13. Hmm. And how will this play with the vast number of unemployed, and underemployed, in our community? Since this is — dare I say it? — a large, if not the largest, portion of our population, can we find a way to suggest why they should (sorry) even care about this? Can we borrow some lessons from Van Jones? Greening the rust belt, perhaps?

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  16. Thanks for the concert comparisons – found it very interesting and enlightening. I hope your ears have recovered enough from the awful live singing and screaming to be able to enjoy David’s soothing voice once again. Glad kimak posted the Pink singing live at the AMAs. Not only was I impressed with her live singing, the choreography was outstanding! That takes many hours of practice to perform together like they did. Again, thanks for your posts!

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  19. An interesting point is contextual expectations vs outside expectations. Like your example with Rocky — becuase of the nature of the story, we expect that he’ll come out on top, but we know we’re SUPPOSED to expect that he’ll fail, and to an extent we let ourselves believe that. When he does come out on top in the end, its almost like we forgot that we expected it.A well-written/told story then, i guess, can make us Unexpect the Expected.

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  21. Lucy – you're right on with these buzzwords! And, as a former community foundation staffer, I think you're right that private foundations are offering great new opportunities for donors. It likely depends on the geographic scale and issue intensity a donor wants to work at. Hmmm. Maybe to maximize charitable impact the donor should set up a donor-advised fund but give the private foundation advisory authority.

  22. “we can see processes that take tens of miliions of years on a global scale happening in just a few hours.”Throughout the video above there are several instances in which the rate of “plate movement” increases dramatically, as anyone who views it will see. Give this, can we expect the same type of violent and sudden movement of our own plates?

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  27. Para quem eu torço? Eu torço para que o PT, como máquina de produção de ideologia e de falsificação da história, se exploda. Torço para que alguns de seus mistificadores terminem na cadeia. Mas isso ainda está longe. A hidra, como é de sua natureza, tem muitas cabeças. Os que combatem esse ente criado para tomar o lugar da sociedade têm de saber que, na “hora h”, eles sempre se juntam. O petismo trava uma disputa interna pela consolidação de imagens. Às pessoas decentes cabe a torcida pelo triunfo da lei

  28. Listach and Sveum never played together in Milwaukee.  Sveum’s last year was 91 and Listach first year was 92. Of course Listach and Sveum could have been in a spring training together a year or so before, but if they are good friends it did not come from playing together.   I am betting the bench coach is someone other than Listach.  Listach may stay on the staff, but I would bet not as bench coach.

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  32. When morning comes alot of my work looks a little silly. But after all, we are writers, so we write.Flight and fear sounds worse than sitting up, watching HLN, and eating Doritos.Thank you for the compliment on my Seuss-esque work! BTW… Jim mentioned the “A” word. Ambien delivers 8 hours and a bright morning like clockwork (most of the time. Hugs… : )

  33. “God is not a tame Lion” and my wife says “God is not Santa Claus” I always thought of it as “God is not a black box” (which, it turns out, only engineers and physicists and my daughter understood immediately).I think much of how we interact with miracles is based upon our failure to understand that God is possessed of free will.

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  39. I can only speak for myself, As far as the question of continuing to have children until you are no longer able, This is something I am actually researching and praying about right now as I am not clear on it myself. I believe children are a blessing, but I am not sure exactly what that means in terms of how many and whether or not it is right to prevent having them or not. So can’t answer that one clearly. But as to the second part about having and raising children being the highest calling, yes I would agree to that.

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  42. I beg to differ, i know 3 small families in my home town who have had their children taken for no reason. I have called in abuse of a family (mandatory reporter) and their fatherinlaw was a counselman in the town…nothing happened to them…hmm i wonder why

  43. Oh Deb, this is wonderful information. I do take medication and for the most part it keeps me out of the black hole…but sometimes I wonder what will happen if I ever can’t take the meds anymore. Depression runs in my family and is complicated by several other issues. It is very cool to hear about this treatment for those who do not respond to current available treatments. Electroshock stories have always scared me. Peace.

  44. Excellent interview – I agree with everything you said. I especially am bothered by the statements women make in question mode. They sound so tentative, not to mention juvenile. This SO undermines what they’re trying to say. I don’t do that one but I definitely need to work on some of the others. Thanks for the reminder![]

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  47. “does it at all surprise you that Hitchens would be able to get this information?”Well I don’t have an explanation do you?You have to assume that sort of information is not passed out like sweets to anyone who asks for it?”I doubt Aziz would lie about this, he’s one of GG’s friends, remember”Perhaps the waterboarding might have changed his mind?You also may wish to re-read the title of this blog, it’s “Hitchens Watch” not Geoge Galloway Watch.

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  218. i so enjoy these ‘travel’ posts Elizabeth – i’ve never been to NYC except once when we passed thru via the train. your photography is lovely and really captures the feel of the city; am afraid i’d be a nervous nellie in the city though, as i’m not really a fan of crowds, so i’ll enjoy your posts instead . . . although, i’ve always dreamed of seeing MoMA someday!

  219. Thanks for the comment Dan. Some of us have been working on getting more bike lanes in the city, hopefully to make additional connections with existing trails and various points of interest. Personally, I’m not convinced on-street parking is always a true impediment to bike lanes, but I do think it is a common excuse. Separated lanes would be best, but paint is more cost-effective and still can provide a drastic visual reminder for drivers, hopefully reinforcing the right of the bikers to share the road.

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  238. So sweet and pretty, Julia! I like your doll house story too. My parents moved a lot (they were missionaries), so we had to give away my childhood doll house. How surprised I was when a friend of ours gave me the doll house back, fifteen years later! She had thoughtfully saved it for us and after a facelift, I have gotten to see my own daughters enjoy it.

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