Niño Lindo – 18.12.2010 – Henry J. White

Déjame ser tu niño lindo,
no ofrezco mucho la verdad,
tan solo mi cariño y mi bondad.

Te llevare de la mano,
a sueños inesperados.
Donde la lujuria y la ternura
eternamente convivirán.

Sueños de una vida muy real,
Una vida de ensueño vivirás.

Déjame ser tu niño lindo,
jamas te decepcionaras,
como base el amor,
en el ático tu y yo,
y en el cielo Serene
nos velará.

Corregida el 16 de Mayo del 2017
Texto: #291
Poesía: #189

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655 comentarios sobre “Niño Lindo – 18.12.2010 – Henry J. White

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  173. Sugar snap peas and beans sure would make Rich happy right now. Ours have bit the dust. Luckily, our eggplants are hanging in there. I’ve really enjoyed roasting those and putting them on pizzas. @Amy, I’m still laughing, thinking about your video. If you’re reading this and you haven’t seen Amy and her husband Paul in action, check out their mango splitter parody:

  174. I agree. Township is a lousy word to use. If the government is going to go ahead with it, they should call it something else. Wherever the word township is mentioned, I associate it with what I have read of the apartheid situation back in the 70s and 80s in South Africa. And we would want to avoid anything remotely similar to that in Singapore where our foreign workers are involved vis-a-vis ourselves.

  175. Lizbeth. I think you’re right. We can be a bit impatient wanting our children to recover from these difficult times. I’m trying to get a balance between easing his anxiety and going out with him to keep his confidence up and stopping him becoming totally agoraphobic. Thanks for your support. Deb x

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  188. Christauna–Glad to hear I'm not the only one. Mothers Unite! Nicole–One day at a time is a great motto to live by I think. I feel a little like Dory: "Just keep parenting. Just keep parenting."Jolie–I bet the step-mother gig comes with stigma and pressure all its own. When will people get it through their heads–parenting is parenting. The more people children have in their lives who love them, the better they'll be for it.

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