Naturaleza – Henry J. White – 9.4.2004

Dulce roció que en las mañanas de mi vida,
me envuelves con tu hermosa brisa.
Cabalgas junto al viento,
lloras heladas gotas de tu amada,
choca fuerte el cálido atardecer,
contra la dura roca.

Asiente el longevo verde,
las horas de su marchita vida,
que el hombre va acortando,

Oro fuego caldea despacio
la llanura, que lleno de color
inspira a todos el amor.

Se despide el día,
con la luna,
con sus hijas,
protectoras de la vida,
[ …de toda Vida.

Corregida: 3 de Enero del 2017
Texto: #74
Poesía: #33

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604 comentarios sobre “Naturaleza – Henry J. White – 9.4.2004

  1. 6 books! That is awesome. It does require sacrifice (which you described in your post). I am on my own reading challenge. I will probably write about my recommendations sometime this month. The Fault In Our Stars is on my list. Glad you recommend it. Love posts about books and what people are reading. Hope you do this monthly!

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  16. about your child not being perfect because you are not a perfect parent. It all boils down to what's perfect right? You're doing a great job, recognising the root of what the problem seemed to have been. I too am guilty about reprimanding before addressing why they were behaving such and such. And sometimes, (most times!) all the needed was a cuddle (ie attention) from me!! 🙂 simple..yet so hard!

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  28. Oh Erin, You are the best Mom ever. I find that you do, take the time to be with Abi every chance that you can and she does feel the love you have as you take care of the boys.Being from a large family myself I alway felt love by my parents as they took care of the younger one that needed. I love how Abi help to sooth the little ones also.

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