The Seeker – Henry J. White – 1.10.2009

Océanos de Lujuria en una noche sin olvido,
ni perdón.

Una mujer hermosa,
recela repentina del amor,
fracaso de la locura y la sinrazón.

Temerosos pasos que recorren
este angosto pasadizo
directo a la perversión,
sexo y destrucción.

Besos con sabor a llanto,
caricias de dolor,
te quieros equivocados,
corren desnudos por los mares
que cubren estos versos,
sedientos… de cariño, mimos,
y odio.

Un sonido azabache abre la mente del buscador….

Ladrón de sentimientos oscuros a su propio pensamiento,
tenues colores vivos esparcidos por su cuerpo y corazón,

Olvido de su desamor.

Corregida el 13 de Enero del 2017
Texto: #193
Poesía: #131

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  229. Today, I attended Washington, DC’s MMRF’s 5k. A volunteer. It was heartwarming and it was my pleasure and duty to be a part of a community that is steadfast on finding ways to battle MM…Solution Seekers. I was touched and honored amongst gentle hearts and souls…optimistic. Destiny of prevail. Believers and supporters are synonymous. A calling I have to honor.

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  239. I am sorry to hear about this turn of events. I will be praying for you and your family. Regardless of your short tenure, I’m sure you made a positive impact upon some folks. Only the Lord knows what changes you may have set into motion for the good. Ultimately, God is your rewarder and will no doubt bless you in the midst of your sacrifices.

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  265. I think you are right about the Stormin’ Gobblers. Kaedy has a stubborn streak a mile wide, but none of that matters if we are out of her sight. Velcro needs to use these girls for advertisements, I’m telling ya! Gotta love them though, and they sure do keep you warm. Sometimes I wonder if losing their mama so early made us all bond to them so much that WE created the velcro-effect. I love my grey faced girl, even when she is refusing to go outside.

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