Selene – Henry J. White – 19.9.2010

Celeste alud de simpatía,
evocada en tu energía.

Siembra suspiros, y al caer
las ultimas hojas de otoño,
Selene recoge con cautela
cada abrazo y cada sonrisa.

Deja entreabierta la ventana
desde donde cada noche sueña,
sueña con que es princesa
y nada le falta.

Corregida el 5 de Abril del 2017
Texto: #275
Poesía: #173

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735 comentarios sobre “Selene – Henry J. White – 19.9.2010

  1. not to break up thoughts and post minutes later but I swear, this is a NEW thought. your last line about “super” moms got me thinking about a book title by a famous psychiatrist (i think it was Bruno Bettleheim–he wrote about the importance of fairy tales to children too) that went like this:The GOOD ENOUGH Mom. And really, isn’t that the most we can hope for?

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  16. From someone who lived there, Corey will soon discover that Northern Virginia is an overcrowded cultural wasteland. One of the happiest days of the last five years was the day I left and moved here. I wish him well and hope he feels differently. I’ve heard family changes you and since I don’t have one yet, my perception might have been different. But for now, it was a very easy decision to make.

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