Galimatias – 7.7.2010 – Henry J. White

Hendido en el cuaderno,
encuentro aquellos…
…besos perdidos.

Varados suspiros,
galimatías del silencio,
condenado al desamparo.

Protector de sus latidos,
en el recuerdo, los sueños…
…y el olvido.

Corregida el 5 de Abril del 2017
Texto: #271
Poesía: #170

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642 comentarios sobre “Galimatias – 7.7.2010 – Henry J. White

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  3. A terrific LO! I love the little circular Bubba embellishment. I too get overwhelmed with my crafty life sometimes. I stop at these times also. It should always be a fun process and we never want it to become stressful. Yay to a clean house though. That is what I should be doing today but I might just go and scrap instead. No young children around here, so the discipline is hard to keep sometimes. Lots of free time for scrapping! 😉

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  10. I hear ya Sister! I LOVE giving Readings and inspirational writing. It’s a “True Love ” also and I wouldn’t change how I earn my living for the world. It’s too much fun!!Let’s just say that singing again is like seeing your old high school crush at the reunion. You aren’t going to leave your husband over him but the rush is kinda delicious. ;*} Ya dig?

  11. , we're a tolerant bunch and welcome pretty much everyone to this worn out town. Mike's no different. He's just rude. This is a guy who puts bread crumbs on the hood of your car, if you park in front of his shop longer than he thinks proper. And we have pigeons…You got it right. Maybe Mike will, too, one day.Tom

  12. Se te ha olvidado detallar un poco más la respuesta. En realidad es: “… otro más de la izquierda o la derecha que se le permite …” . Aquí están todos igual de pringados da igual de qué bando. Si no estas de acuerdo con esto quizás tú eres otro más de esos “de la derecha”.

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  224. The abuses that particularly irritate me are those that attempt to blur the distinction between the priest and the people. For instance: on Holy Thursday, being invited to say the words of consecration with the celebrant. And the very next day, having the congregation assigned to read the part of Christ in the Good Friday Passion reading. This is particularly alarming to me coming from a pastor, who on the first night of parental preparation for First Holy Communion stated he did not see why the bishops see same-sex marriage as a threat to traditional marriage (i.e., he believes male & female are interchangeable).

  225. The libraries are a mixed bag. Some units have rather good ones, others don’t seem to have anything.If the funding used to buy TV’s were used to buy books (cheaply from the second-hand shops) I would consider the money better spent.Books in prisons do far more good than a raft of other money-wasting ideas…

  226. Já ne:-) Já si dokážu představit zrušení platebního rozkazu. Dokud se lidé na základní škole nebudou učit, co to je a jak se podává odpor, tak to ti jednodušší prostě budou házet do koše s tím, že když nebyli u soudu, tak jim nic nehrozí. Takže justici sice odpadla práce, ale bohužel trochu na úkor spravedlnosti.

  227. “But, I don’t want this to be considered normal or acceptable, esp. to kids.”Here is a wild and crazy idea, what if a person happens to be born gay and goes through an adolescence? You would rather that they feel like an outcast and kill themselves? (As many gays who are not accepted do).I guess we are going to have to agree to disagree.

  228. aanvulling:Criminaliteit wordt zo gedefinieerd dat het de machts status quo dient. Bijvoorbeeld al: klokkenluider Ad Bos, die zelf aangeklaagd dreigde te worden door het OM terwijl de grote daders uiteindelijk nagenoeg vrijuit gingen en nu al doorgaan op oude voet met impliciet medeweten van velen en medewerking van te velen in de overheid.

  229. Thank you for all those anti-Tom and Dave comments. They were pretty mean.What’s funny is how their treatment chimes with the first comment on here. It’s like school exam time, finding out one of the class got was cheating, then all the crap that follows.Or is that what the dothetest post was like? Can’t we all get along…?

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  237. Actually, Judy, I question CBW’s views with the utmost respect, it’s people like you, JMK, and now this “B” person who I attack.And btw B, where the hell did you get the idea that I think the government should give me a million dollars? Show us reading comprehension skills. My point is that it attacks the myth you just regurgitated – “if you work REALLY HARD…..” yeah, right. So am I to assume that you aren’t working hard? Where’s your millions?

  238. Reading Udolpho will increase your understanding of Northanger Abbey tenfold! The first time I read it, I kept saying, “So THAT’S why she wrote that…” There are definite parallels in the plots. All of the “horrid novels” named by Isabella Thorpe that I’ve read so far are echoed in NA, though.

  239. LOVE your perspective on this topic. Bottom line, it’s a real tragedy whether you are in the public or personal sector for any family. Our society has evolved –and not in a good way– to crave this type of media. In today’s society it’s an elite group of men and women who are able to productively channel wealth, power and ego…Arnie serves as an important lesson/reminder to us all. We are all accountable for our own behavior and choices and there are consequences when we step outside those boundaries.

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  248. “We” don’t “own” Orly. She is a free person. Who is the “we” that is going to cut her loose and loose from what. You are entitled to your opinion about whether or not she is being effective. But don’t be silly while you are at it. We try to be serious and sane here.

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