Estrella – 13.10.14 – Henry J.White


Y la luna se descubrió,
brillante y fugaz , en el oscuro cielo.
Una estrella se desplomo de aquel vacío,
y tus ojos se tornaron de fuego frío.

¿Dime princesa, porque tu sonrisa ha huido?
vage por tus labios entre sueños.
¿Dime pequeña, porque tu corazón esta herido?
Se hizo de mi el hielo eterno dueño.

Sentado en aquel risco, susurre al viento,
y transformo el silencio en sonido,
dibuje con emociones,
cada escondite de tu sentimiento.

¿Dime niña querida, porque te has escondido?
Guardare tu alma de todo dolor,
pero, ¿Dime mi estrella, que es lo que has perdido?
Pues mi escudo y tu misterio nos guiaran unidos.

Dibujo: Lucy Elfen Lied – por Roxychamy

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  10. Those are great stories Mary! I just love to hear of other peoples Christmas Traditions, and especially when the children think it is important enough to carry it on to the next generation! Must make you smile! Thanks for sharing that and your recipes as well. They ginger bread cupcakes sound delicious! And I'm all for easy!! Have a great Friday! sherri : )

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  13. I must Must MUST get this list posted so that I can remember it because, you are right, it is absolute gold. This post is exactly what I needed to read right now and if you don’t mind I’ll be sharing your link on our facebook page today because I think it will inspire other moms to put things into perspective. We don’t have to kill ourselves making wonderful memories for our kids. What they want is a little bit of us–present–for them.

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