Cita XV – Henry J. White – 1.10.2009

Silencio encerrado en una mente fría,
caminan palabras sin sentido,
frases y recuerdos heridos, sombríos.
Largas esperas de un camino…

Corregida el 13 de Enero del 2017
Texto: #202
Quote: #8

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611 comentarios sobre “Cita XV – Henry J. White – 1.10.2009

  1. jul31madclimber Efectívamente, algo que no olvidaré.. y que dejo para repetir algún día. Sobre todo porque ahora ya sé de qué va la ruta.Algunas reseñas sólo sirven para interpretarlas y tirarlas y, después, ir a la aventura

  2. Momoko : Myslím, že prázdná peněženka je zlem v jakékoliv fázi života XD Se máš, já s japonštinou spoléhám na tu VŠ, snad se tam příští rok dostanu. Jinak jakékoliv kurzi jdou mimo mě, možná až budu mít práci, ale kdo ví, jak to bude. Jaj, jako by to s těmi certifikáty už tak netrvalo dlouho x_X

  3. Mon cher Marc,Je me réjouis de ton prochain post!Quesque tu vas bien pouvoir nous sortir sur Rodgerio.On nous dit qu’il traîne son dos depuis quelques temps, est-ce que par hasard ton ”coaching” durant le mois Down Under ou bien même la Bartoli y serait pour quelque chose?J’ai hâte de lire ton analyse!

  4. Ja jsem pred 5 lety podlehl a zacal sporit s Penizjnim fondem CS. Marne bych si ted vzpomel na duvod, proc jsem to udelal.Platim 500 mesicne, abych dostal statni podporu 150, mam tam mizerny urok a ani si to nemuzu odecist z dani. Posledni dobou vazne uvazuji, ze to vyberu a pouziju na potrebnejsi vylohy, nez je mlhava nadeje, ze se za 30let v duchodu "rozsoupnu".

  5. Miquel,Estoy encantada de que el cúmulo de casualidades – estaba haciendo tareas domésticas cuando oí el programa de Catalunya Ràdio – hiciera posible tu intervención en el programa. Te felicito por SITIO y por la iniciativa de participar en La Marató que habéis propuesto. Un abrazo.

  6. Falando de cor, ao que me lembro os judeus chegaram a Portugal em tres grandes camadas migratorias: no periodo cartagines, aproveitando nucleos fenicios (como Gades),depois no periodo romano e posteriormente, durante a presença islamica.Populacoes de outros povos do Médio Oriente, so dispersas (por exemplo, os sirios eram dominantes nas elites islamicas de algumas taifas do sul do Tejo), mas demograficamente eram irrelevantes.Agora se falarmos em epocas pre-historicas… ai a neblina ja será bem mais densa…

  7. I cant make head or tail of Life. Love is a fine thing Art is a fine thing Nature is a fine thing but the average human mind and spirit are confusing beyond measure. Sometimes I think that all our learning is the little learning of the maxim. To laugh at a Roman awestricken in a sacred grove is to laugh at something today.

  8. What should we be proud of first,slavery,or maybe discrimination? oh i know police brutalitity & white male cops macing & punching a 15 year old girl.oh i got it racial profiling brings joy to my heart.maybe rush limpballs or fox news.i think my blood hands from iraq & every other place we have killed native peoples.i have always wondered what the fuck white people are so proud of,it’s all fake just like thier god & christianity.

  9. Best of luck to you Izzy! I had my twin girls as an SMC two weeks after my 42nd bday via IVF (after trying IUIs first). Best thing I ever did. They’re now nearly 4 and amazing. I’m even launching a kids business due to my new mom life. Hope your journey into parenthood is as happy and fulfilling as mine has been. It’s hard but worth it. =) =)

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  11. C'est un bon sujet. Se montrer ou pas ? Pour ma part, je visite beaucoup de blog déco, parfois mode. Et il est vrai que je n'en reviens pas de voir certaines femmes se mettre en scène de façon parfois ridicule. Je ne suis pas suisse, je ne pense pas que ce soit de l'impudeur, mais plutôt un réel narcissisme qui a besoin de s'exprimer. Et pourquoi pas ?

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  14. in his heart that there is no god” This speaks volumes. He relates to this. He is a unhappy creature pretending to be happy but behind closed doors is miserable with himself! These forums (he comments on all articles) give him an opportunity to take out his frustrations in his godless clueless life on any contributor who dares to question his empty atheistic comments….like a broken record…”blah blah blah there is no god” Just watch for his reply on this comment with insults or intimidation. I would have proven my point.

  15. If you ask someone their MOS and you receive a blank stare, that’s a clue. And for those who are RIF’d, BobF speaks the truth. And it’s true in the cop world as well. One day a full-timer, next day a retireee with no benefits but an hourly wage doing PRECISELY the same thing. In my department they are called On-Calls. And they’ve had exactly the same training as me. And they too must attend CPT when I do. If contractually some don’t like Blackwater’s training, then they must dislike our basic military training.BZ

  16. Nada vai mudar minha opinião, que uma das causas da morte, do Sócrates, é de desgosto pela política implantada num país que conhecemos, e que não era necessariamente o modelo que ele enxergava.Será que ele imaginou a corrupção que hoje contamina o governo?

  17. REPLY TO MR KNOWITALLTo be honest I have no idea what it’s all about and whilst it is a sensitive subject, there are many who share your concerns about this apparently distasteful practice which seems peculiar to Inchgarth.I share your concern regarding the threats of arson and it simply beggars belief that this individual continues to manage, and make a tidy profit, from his operation within a council owned, council funded rent free facility. Corruption doesn’t even come close.

  18. Здравствуйте, думаю раз никто не пишет значит сюда никто не заходит или нет не у кого проблем поэтому думаю бессмысленно что писать или отписываться.

  19. Ã…åå va kul med kaklade fächa badrum. Våran är på gränsen till att förfalla. Men just nu har vi inte råd med den. Så njuuuuuuuuut säger ja bara.Badrumsmattan med döskallen va snygg. Men jag tycker att du ska ha en färgklick som tex röd badrumsmatta där uppe . Kram kram

  20. Maria Eduarda comentou em 29 de maio de 2011 às 12:33. Juu! que coisa lindaa!! amei….Como vc sempre atende nossos pedidos aqui vai uma sugestão:Tem um make no site da sensacional!!!! é um que a sombrancelha ta marcada de sombra/lápis não sei, Bom não gosto desta parte, mas o resto.. nossa é fabuloso! Aparece só os olhos no começo, em uma tela preta com vinho! fiquei apaxonada!!Faz pra gente!!!Parabéns pelo site!Bjosss

  21. John thanks for that brother, a great comment and my thoughts exactly. Sometimes I just post important shit hoping people reading will become interested and look into stuff and maybe learn a little bit about us, the europeans. Hey john did you read the lyrics to that song the martyrs blood? I’m telling you man that song is just badass.The sky is coloredWith the martyrs blood

  22. “What in the world is happening our family?”“I was afraid I’d live to see this day. You see, child, it all goes back to some shady dealings that your Great-great-grandfather Will had with with two guys named Blake and Bruno. I don’t know the particulars, but apparently Bruno was raising the dead and Will blamed Blake, who then declared that he’d get revenge using his Astral Kung Fu on the Laughlin family…from BEYOND THE GRAVE.”

  23. Thank you for helping me identify Modern Cartoonists. What with cigar smoking and obesity (and for that matter, aging) being politically-incorrect, it was becoming really hard to pick them out.Are you a better cartoonist if you are all three?Jesus. Is this the biggest thing you all got to worry about?

  24. gamze diyor ki:ara sınıfların obis inde ders seçimi yapılamıor ne zamna düzelir ???????????????????? ya da düzelirmi meslek yüksek okulları secebiloda eğitim fakultesinde sorunlar düzelmior ( bu genel bi sikayeet editor e yonelik değil bu yazı ) kaç gündür uğrasıoruz editor arkdas ne zaman düzelir bilgn var mı

  25. I love crazy… and crazy that works? WIN! Oh and I'd love to want a penguin. I think my pups would be pleased. Usually I want a hellhound. LOLLove the interview and I don't know anything about being passionate about something you seem to go on and on about *coughCurrentDogBookReviewcough* 😉 Hm… I guess I can sympathize. 😀

  26. 1. Do you sing out loud? Where?? Yep – people even used to pay to listen :)2. If you eat seafood, which is your favorite?? Scampi3. Do you have slippers and if so do you wear them?? I have outside inside slippers – wear them everywhere.4. What's on the menu for dinner tonight?? Cold meat, pickles and mashed taters.5. What was the last exercise you did?? Walked the dog this morning.

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  28. Pretty much what I was expecting; small, light, robust video recorder. I was disapointed in the amount of time it takes to recharge (although this is in the specs so it wasn’t a surprise) 1 hour for 80% of the battery and about 3-4 hours for the last 20%. My only complaint while small is that there are no instructions on opening the back panel to access the memory slot/usb port. I figured it out eventually and is simple to open once I did.

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  30. Je suis Flamand. Ma mère – elle a 80 ans – a du parler le Français à l’école. Elle a plusieurs fois porté le signum avec le texte ‘Il est interdit de parler le néerlandais et à cracher sur le plancher’. Passé? Non. Les Francophones militants – pas la majorité des Wallonais et Ardennais – sont toujours très fascistes, pas les Flamands. Les Flamands se défendent! Pas un Flamand qui exige des facilités linguistiques en Wallonie!

  31. Kettle1,We can only hope that O makes decisions that will allow us all to share the pain and benefits of sacrifice. The current administration seems to still believe in supply side economics to the point where they think that saving the wealthy will somehow trickle down to sparing the rest of us. Oh how quickly they forget who makes it possible for them to pay their bills.

  32. A big part of your life is on the internet, so it is normal that a lot of people envy you. (you are like a little star)You are pretty, independent, healthy , have a lovely home, lovely hubby, amazing cute kids and enough money. Of corse there will always be people who loves to destroy you, that's life. (jealousy is a disease ) But if you are 100% correct, nobody can't do you anything.It's part of this cruel world but it makes you increasingly stronger with the years.Go girl, your blog is amazing,continue to fight for it!Big Support from Belgium xxx

  33. Kenneth – There is 2 way sync with the Google Sync, but not with the BES and Google Connector. The Google Connector only does one-way calendar sync. They will be coming out with a newer version which will have this feature. Anyone hear when its coming out?

  34. During job interviews and physicals I always get asked “Do you think you can keep up with the 20 yr olds?”, even though I’m taking NO medications, have NO health issues, am at target weight for my height (unlike a LOT of younger nurses) and run marathons.I always respond, 20 somethings don’t even try to keep up with me. They don’t seem to have the same work ethic I have.

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  36. those guidelines are a great start, but i think they must go further. it should specify the exact hex color for the blue that should be used. does this mean the greek letters must always be separated with the | ? when do you include the org name spelled out? what font should it be in? does the “fraternity, inc.” always need to be there? what about the shield? am i the only one who noticed that if this is the guideline, the newly redesigned is not in compliance?

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  40. shuuut UPPP, that was totally fine. after reading what you wrote about this, i was expecting a train wreck. you should see me – i totally fall apart whenever anybody else points a camera or microphone at me. and when i’m finally able to say something instead of freezing (always always always “can we start again?”) i come out with some total drivel. you were articulate and enthused and you made a brilliant case for public transport. w hich is shockingly bad in the US and Canada. yeah. RAAAAAA

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  42. I wouldn't be surprised to see vile comments such as Larry Derfner's in Haaretz, but the Jerusalem Post?People like him don't have no clue of what Never Again means. They have a "that was then, this is now" mentality.

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  45. A pink solo cup would make ME happy too. You KNOW it would. At first I thought you were going to say, “I wanted to put it on my head, then decorate myself in flames and pretend to be on fire.” Like Big Tex, ya know. If you can’t wear it (with or without the flames) for your staff photo, you should AT LEAST make it your profile picture for the REST of us. Seriously.

  46. It’s as simple as this, Your Rap isn’t my rap, your shit speaks to noone who matters in this world, money, bitches, gangs, and drugs, that shit doesn’t mean a damn thing, other then you’re trying to be what you aren’t, a player, and before you say, well they rap about dead friends and loved ones, yea well 75% of those kids probably got killed in some gang or drug related incident, so good on ya for glorifying that which needs to be removed from our society, the GangBanging lifestyle.

  47. Danny, Josh & Jordan -Our deepest sympathy in the loss of your Mom/Grandma. She was such a sweet person and will be sorely missed by all who knew her. You have a lot of wonderful memories of her – cherish them, (nothing can take the place of a Mom’s/Grandma’s love)! If there is anything we can do, please don’t hesitate.Eric, Lisa, Steven, Tyler & Little Eric

  48. Cred ca tocmai pe tine tocmai te-a lovit screloza (ca tot iti place sa jignesti/hulesti), … este vorba despre ÅŸoriciul care ti s-a depus peste creier si nu te lasa sa gandesti, ochelarii de cal pe care te încăpăţânezi să-i porti pentru nu vrei sa vezi, sau … pentru ca pur si simplu ti s-a sters identitatea (doar te-ai invatat sa o furi pe a altora, nu-i asa?).

  49. i think that, increasingly, the workforce is becoming permanently temporary.That's a problem. this may not be a bad thing [i was a contract worker for 25 years by choice], but it's another paradigm shift workers are going to need to get used to.No thanks, but I'm not wanting Europe where permatemps appear to be the rule. Temporary workers are already considered 2nd class citizens.

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  198. And wouldn’tcha know it, some people will hate on your openness too – how dare we burden them when they have their own problems. I’ve met those people…it’s beyond frustrating but I’ve learned that we can’t please everyone and if I’ve done my part, I can live with myself, and that’s kind of important to me.

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  215. Travis,I was at a simulcast location in Georgia and have been at two other LPL events. I wanted to let you know that I wouldn’t have guessed Beth would be able to find a worship leader to equal her level of excellent teaching, but she found it in you! I look forward to the worship just as much as her teaching. Thank you for everything you do to make it such a meaningful time.God bless,Heidi

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  225. I use 1st person almost exclusively- no matter what I’m writing: biographical, historical, fictional. I’m most comfortable with that voice, even though the character through that voice is nothing like me. He’s still a character in the story. I’ve tried 3rd person but, when I re-read what I’ve written, it sounds stilted and wordy and juvenile.

  226. Provocative post! And really great questions. I think you’ve hit on one of the great temptations of our time…to get so consumed in one area of life that we don’t even THINK about the others, even when we’re in the midst of them. And you’re right–we’re all bigger and more interesting than whatever takes the largest chunk of our day, time wise.Thanks for the reminder.

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  230. Good question, Lauren. I’m using it to ask what is an obligation or requirement of clergy. So if someone does not have faith in Christ, they may not be a UMC clergy. What about the rest? Should someone at least show evidence of striving toward all of these? If someone hasn’t fasted in 20 years, what do we do with that? What with the person who acknowledges they haven’t had faith in 20 years?

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  236. The thing is, kneeling is not exclusively penitential in the west. We kneel in adoration, too. Kneeling during the consecration is, as the other commenter observes, a sign of reverence, awe, and filial love. Frankly, I would be ashamed to stand (never mind sit) as the bread is made flesh and the wine blood.

  237. something you find distasteful… you go look for what someone else says? Some priest or someone else not speaking directly for God should be listened to in this case rather than God’s own wordsy?Gee… why listen to God in the first place? Why not listen to Confusious, Plato, or make up your own ‘laws’ if when the law giver says something you look elsewhere?

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  256. I think the whole deal of not putting the Priesthood session on-line after its over is kind of silly. They post the text files and then publish the talks in the Ensign the next month anyway. And I have never seen any blatant examples of some off-the-cuff remark being redacted from a published version of the talk, so it isn’t like some secret counsel is being hidden. Just another one of those things that is left over from when Priesthood session really was secret…

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