Cenit – 5.7.2011 – Henry J. White

Palabras que se lleva el viento
pero que perduran en mi pensamiento.
Enamorado de los mas puros sueños,
Eterno feretro del Amor y los Silencios.

Alma desperdigada en incontables versos,
Susurros que recorre los cimientos,
de mis inamovibles recuerdos.

Luna que me proteje
y solventa cada uno de mis tormentos.
Viento que me guia por los designios.
Eterno aullido que oigo en mi destino.

Lobezna como divinidad, culmen de mi silencio,
cenit de mis versos y Amor,
que inconsciente la profeso.

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734 comentarios sobre “Cenit – 5.7.2011 – Henry J. White

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. I’m sorry that you went through this. I cannot relate in the slightest, but my aunt passed away when my cousins were roughly 25 and 23, and my heart just breaks. I imagine there is no age when losing your mom would be OK. Your mom would be proud of your strength and grace.

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  4. Eh, now I understand why we refer to them as “coolies”.Actually, it’s Chinese for “bitter and hard,” which is spelled kuli in pinyin. Some say it’s from Hindi, but the Chinese term makes sense. Chinese often use “ku” (bitter) to describe burdensome toil. They like to say Chinese can “chi ku” (eat bitterness).

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  7. y a une contrepèterie, dans le « son du boa au fond du cor »; est-elle voulue ou inconsciente ? A vue de nez, c’est la même que dans « le son du cor au fond des bois », déjà relevée je crois par Luc Etienne dans l’ « Art du contrepet », et dont seul Alfred, sans doute, aurait pu nous dire si elle était volontaire ou non… Personnellement, je la trouve un peu trop tirée par les cheveux pour être délibérée.

  8. Et pour info j’adore ton blog – les gens pédants & suffisants qui se débattent pour avoir l’air cool, ça me passionne à un point que tu n’imagines même pas… Je suis une de tes plus fidèles lectrices, tu vaux un bon épisode de DH à toi toute seule, rassure-toi sur ce point !

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  12. Hei:) Så flotte kranser da, tror ikke du skal satse på plast heller når det er nærme peisen!? Eller så kan jeg jo si at mannskor-digginga di sjokkerer meg, nok en gang får jeg meg en mitt i fleisen at vi drar på åra:) Men skulle vi dratt med et par single vi kjenner på konsert da el? Og skulle det være flotte mannfolk der(i mine øyne) så klipper jeg meg kort, tar permanent og drar rett i Kappahl og kjøper meg kjole:))) Line <3

  13. I advise everyone to read Stieg Larsson's triology starting with"The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo " if you want some insight into the modern Scandinavian mind. I read it with fascinated horror. The prose is absolutely awful but as a demonstration of a mind that has been completely brainwashed by cultural marxism it is incomparable. And these books were international bestsellers. I also read Jo Nesbo and I had the same reaction. Seventy years of comfortable socialism has had dire results.In my opinion the Scandinavians are mentally the least prepared to cope with the coming disasters.

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  19. Hey Doc-What an awesome article! I’m starting my EM rotation in 1 week and though I’ve enjoyed most of my other rotations, none of them have quite done it for me. You just described my personality to a T… Can’t wait to start my rotation! Just linked your article from my blog.

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  29. You are so kind with your thoughts and comments. I had so much fun writing all these months, but sadly the story had to end this way. Some books have sad endings, but don’t end without hope. After your stressful meetings… deep breathing, perhaps? Or a nice cup of tea?Hugs Ann… It’s been great getting to know you! ; )

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  165. Glad to read none of your friends got hurt. From what I’m picking up, the chaos must have been complete. Makes you stop to think and wonder what could have gone differently. I take it the music kept going? Perhaps it could have been better to use that as intercom and explain the situation, where to go, what (not) to do.

  166. Rob is monster. He’s the perfect example of a dedicated CFW memeber (I know, we should do more of those). He’s a “grey man” though… he comes in, kills a workout, then quietly leaves. But only after politely asking how everyone is doing. He asks for little and requires less. Thanks Rob.

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  180. Tetanus has an “a” in the middle of it, Kev. Other than that, I agree with just about all of the above – doesn’t sound like anything I would want my children anywhere near. Maybe just the horny butterflies – they don’t sound TOO dangerous. Having a blast reading this blog, BTW!

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